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Fostering Community: The Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association

Advancing Personalized Audiology Through Mechanistic Cross-Species Auditory Neuroscience

Purdue University and Chicago State University Collaborate in Innovative STEM Mentoring Program

ASPET Welcomes the 2023 FASPET Class

Celebrating Excellence in Scientific Achievement

Bridging Science and Outreach for a Brighter Future

Deciphering the Mysterious Signals of the Brain

Illuminating Hope: Beichen Wang's Vision for a Brighter Future

The Herpetology Revolution: Pioneering Women in Science

Unlocking the Secrets of Proteins: Dr. Daisuke Kihara's Pioneering Work at Purdue

AI takes the reins in deep-tissue imaging

First-in-class targeted microRNA therapy slows cancer tumor growth

The Science of Teaching Science

Molecular mechanism for Tn7-like transposon recruitment by a type I-B CRISPR effector

Remembering Dr. Bill Pak, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

Doing What it Takes to Develop New Scientists

Biological Sciences Graduate Student Awards

First-round SPARK funding recipient - Structural and Molecular Determinants of Bunyavirus Particle Formation and Infectivity led by Dr. Richard Kuhn

Congratulations Dr. Ximena Bernal for being selected as the recipient of the Dr. Gerald Krockover Outstanding Favorite Faculty

Congratulations Dr. Cat Searle on being selected to be a Fellow of the Purdue University Teaching Academy

Distinguished Professor Richard Kuhn named 2023 winner of Morrill Award, Purdue’s highest honor

2023 Faculty Promotions

Zhao-Qing Luo to receive 2022 McCoy Award for demystifying modes of microbial pathogens

David Sanders gives Keynote Address at Scientific Research Integrity Workshop

Biological Sciences remembers alum Bill Phillips

Experiment in energy efficiency with Ross Reserve caretaker's cabin

Newly discovered retinal structure may enhance vision for some birds

Biological Sciences faculty members honored as Showalter University Faculty Scholar and with early career Showalter Trust funding

Could Anthrax Help Fight Bladder Cancer?

Risky business: Frogs’ mating calls also attract predators

Dr. Abebe Fola, Postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Giovanna Carpi's lab, was recently awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Travel Award to attend the Malaria 2019 Keystone Symposium.

Purdue virus expert David Sanders comments on explosion at former Russian Bioweapons Lab.

Structure-based Control of the Rate Limitation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport

How do honeybees lead to a career in HPC?

Kadlubowski, Tesmer earn nationally prestigious Goldwater Scholarships

Conservation and disease in tropical amphibians

Contemporary Approaches to Keeping Up With The Scientific Literature

A novel role for CDK2 as a new approach for treating neutrophilic inflammation

Collaborative effort by the Suter, Mattoo, and Huang labs provide new insights into filopodia formation

Discovery provides path to pathogen-targeted antibiotics

Aslihan Terzi and Logan Ganzen received PIIN travel grant

A natural product chemical probe inhibits cardiac hypertrophy mediated by nuclear GPCR kinase 5

Two Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research Awards for finding new retinal-degeneration drugs

New Avenue for Parkinson’s Disease Research

Mattoo lab graduate student, Ali Camara, selected for 2019 BIO I-Corps Bio-entrepreneurship Workshop

Dr. Leifu Chang's Group published in Cell Host & Microbe

Mattoo lab’s CryoAPEX technology highlighted by Science magazine!

Prof. Fernandez-Juricic - 2019 eLife Ambassadors Program for Open Science

These molecules could trap viruses inside a cell

New quantum material could warn of neurological disease

An invasive species is most successful with high resources and infectious disease

Grad Student Shim receives AGSERS Award

Mattoo lab develops a new cell biology tool called CryoAPEX

Zhao-Qing Luo elected as a Fellow of American Academy of Microbiology.

Professor Gelvin edits book on Agrobacteriuim Biology

Dr. Fekete Receives Research Award

Making sense of large-scale behavioural data for eye-drug discovery

Dr. Chris Sahley receives Chiscon Award

Nancy Pelaez, AAAS Section on Education (Q) Chair-Elect

Welcome Janice Evans, Head of Biological Sciences

Dr. Mattoo Awarded PRF International Travel Grant

Ali Camara, Mattoo lab, wins CTSI Traineeship

2019 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellance Travel Award Recipients

Alumna Sarah Marshall Awarded "Best Clincial Research Poster"

Smithsonian Channel Features Prof. Fernandez-Juricic's Research

Professor Hollenbeck Passes the Mic for Biology 231

Dr. Paschou Named a 2019 University Faculty Scholar

Anna Berkovitz, Dear Friend and Colleague Passes

Pelaez elected Fellow of American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science

Claudia Li, Neurobiology and Physiology Major Competes with Purdue Supercomputing Team

Sensorium 2018: our first live-streamed event

Virology's New Editor-in-Chief Dr. Richard Kuhn

How a single protein interferes with the immune system

2018 College of Science recipient of the Violet Haas Fellowship is Professor Catherine L. Searle

Dr. Fekete Receives Research Award

Conference award winner at Midwest Photosynthesis Conference

A CURE for learning about experimentation

Sensorium 2018: Annual Symposium of Sensory Biology

Nancy Peleaz Candidate for AAAS Section on Education

Drs. Aguilar and Bartlett designated Showalter Faculty Scholars for 2018

Structures of spherical viruses aren’t as perfect as we thought

Insights magazine features Dr. Ximena Bernal

Gelvin Lab present at Agrobacterium meeting in Ghent, Belgium

Millions of birds die in collisions each year, but lights could change that

Biological Sciences graduate Keri Pilgrim Ricker - 2019 Oregon High School - Teacher of the Year

Aashish Jain and Professor Kihara have recently developed Phylo-PFP

Gelvin laboratory presents at IAPB meeting in Dublin, Ireland

Professor Sanders writes about War on Cancer Anniversary

Dr. Deng Wins SLB G. Jeanette Thorbecke Award

Pelaez, Gardner and Anderson Presented Advancing Competencies in Experimentation - Biology (ACE-Bio) at SABER

A community-building framework for collaborative research coordination across the education and biology research disciplines

Chubykin Led Research Team that Develop New Robotic System to Study Brain

Professor Fernandez-Juricic Elected Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society

Of mice and worms: are co-infections with unrelated parasite strains more damaging to definitive hosts?

2018 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellance Travel Award Recipients

Dr. Andrea Kasinski - Rising Scientist at Purdue Center for Cancer Research

Lecturer for Los Alamos 75th Anniversary

“nox2/cybb Deficiency Affects Zebrafish Retinotectal Connectivity"

Dr. Dennis Minchella awarded the 2018 American Society of Parastologists' Distinguished Service Award

Kerry Rabenold Pavilion about to become a net-zero energy building


Leung Awarded Outstanding Professor of Basic Science

New STEM Building Slated to Open Fall 2020

Ganzen attended the Neural Systems & Behavior course at the Marine Biological Laboratory

Parasites make the world go 'round

Ocean-migrating trout adapt to freshwater environment in 120 years

Hummingbirds use low acuity vision to dock into flowers

Suter Lab Graduate Students Win Research and Teaching Awards!

Female’s sensory physiology affects her preference for different types of males

Konieczny Lab has developed a new strategy to induce terminal differentiation of pancreatic cancer cells.

CryoVR training platform received a grant from the National Institutes of Health

Provost’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Mentor

Minchella Faculty of the Month

2017-2018 J. Alfred & Martha Chiscon Undergraduate Teaching Award

A low-cost 3D cell culture system for imaging neurons

Genki Terashi and Daisuke Kihara develop new software

Irwin Tessman Endowment for Biological Sciences

Repeat spawning come with tradeoffs for trout

Ultimate Achievement in Life Sciences Scholarship Honoring Dr. Joseph W. Vanable, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Seema Mattoo receives Purdue University’s "2018 Walk the Talk Award!"

Deng Lab develops acute endotoxemia model in zebrafish

Aguilar Lab - "Use of induced pluripotent stem cells from Lowe syndrome patients provide insight into disease mechanism"

William Mbongo receives Fulbright Scholarship

Kihara lab predicting assembly order of multimeric protein complexes

Deng Lab - Neutrophil-specific knockout demonstrates a role for mitochondria in regulating neutrophil motility in zebrafish

Chang Receives Murphy Award

Remembering Professor Henry Koffler, Former Biological Sciences Dept. Head

2018 College of Science Faculty and Staff Awards Program

Mattoo lab crystallizes a Pasteurella multocida toxin with a novel enzymatic fold

Tropical carnivores stay social in a temperate environment

Professor Fernandez-Juricic President-elect of Animal Behavior Society

Dynamic Remodeling Lipids Coincides with Dengue Virus Replication in the Midgut of Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Mosquito gut may hold the key to preventing Dengue and Zika

What makes a multimodal signal attractive?

The sensory substrate of multimodal animal communication: are females sensory ‘specialists’ or ‘generalists’?

2018 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellance Travel Award Winners

Happy Retirement Arleen Mullikin!

Genetic diversity can “rescue” amphibians from a deadly pathogen

Eichinger named 150th Anniversary Professor

Bird females see male signals differently

Professor Richard Kuhn Appointed to NSF Advisory Committee for Biological Sciences

Dr. Kuhn honored as a named inaugural Director of PI4D

Professor Stan Gelvin took Purdue Biological Sciences Worldwide

Carol B. Post named Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Collaborative discipline-based education research leads to $1.2 million NSF Grant

Kasinski receives grants to improve gene therapy for cancer

Congratulations to Dr. Claudio Aguilar named a 2018 University Faculty Scholar!

W.A. Cramer's Research Honored in Hyderabod, India

Dr. Chubykin receives grant to study fragile X syndrome

Proposed new STEM Biology-Chemistry Teaching Lab Building

Yuk Fai Leung gives talk on Data, Data Collection and Data Sharing

2017 Outstanding Alumni Awards

How many moonlighting proteins are there in a genome?

The blind gap in avian binocular vision

Gardner awarded NSF Biology Education Research Grant

Wnt9a induces cell fate changes and rewiring of neurites into the chicken cochlea.

Mattoo Lab receives special recognition

Kerry N Rabenold Pavilion Dedication

Caleigh Roleck Named as Astronaut Scholar

Leung Lab receives 2 year research grant

Meet Ben Watson Phillips Undergrad Intern

Therapeutic delivery of microRNAs

Chubykin lab publishes an article in the Journal of Visualized Experiments

Meet Caleigh Roleck Undergrad Intern

Yuk Fai Leung attended the 2017 Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop

Congratulations Samarth Mathur and Yuan Ren

Meet Sarah Brokovich Undergrad Intern

New mechanism to destroy viruses could lead to future therapies

Gene Networks in Cochlear Patterning

Meet Elaine Colomb Undergrad Intern

Leung lab visited collaborating institutes in Asia

Meet Chufan Cai Undergrad Intern

Tourette Syndrome risk increases in people with genetic copy variations

Kelly Ronald gets the prestigious Allee Award

Meet Undergraduate Intern, Jillian Ness

Leung lab established a statistical approach to analyze zebrafish locomotor behaviour

The Department of Biological Sciences Congratulates Richard Kuhn

Structural Modeling of Protein Complexes with Disordered Proteins

Structure-Function relations in physiology education: Where’s the mechanism?

Leung lab research featured in an educational science video

Hawk-eyed songbirds

Leung lab published a review article on using zebrafish to screen drugs for retinal degeneration

2016-17 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Awards

2016-17 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Awards

Tom Walter awarded the 2017 J. Alfred and Martha O. Chiscon Undergraduate Teaching Award

Gleichsner Selected for Research and Teaching Honors

Purdue Science award winners at the 2017 Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium

Links between DNA methylation and nucleosome occupancy in the human genome Clayton K. Collings and John N. Anderson

Dr. Claudio Aguilar presented 2016 Sigma Xi Midcareer Research Award

Venkatraman awarded a 2017 Faculty for the Future Fellowship

Ross Biological Reserve breaking ground for a new building

LSC teacher inducted into National Hall of Fame

Spring 2017 Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Council Meeting

Gardner receives Murphy Exceptional Early Career Award

Human antibody for Zika virus promising for treatment, prevention

Professor succeeds in protein modeling competitions using Purdue’s community clusters

How reliable are protein structures determined by electron microscopy?

The College of Science annual Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon

Congratulations Dr. Donna Fekete

Spatial and temporal analysis of alphavirus replication and assembly in mammalian and mosquito cells

Purdue Springfest 2017

Logan Ganzen awarded a Neuroscience Collaborative Research Fund from the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience

High-throughput discovery of ligand binding proteins in a proteome

Biology Major Shovik Bandyopadhyay awarded the prestigious Churchill Scholarship

Bio Ed Research Publication: Model the Use of Evolutionary Trees (MUET)

The Department of Biological Sciences is pleased to announce the winners of the Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Award for the Spring 2017 competition.

Logan Ganzen awarded a Survey Fund from the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery

A new strategy to disrupt the host cytoskeleton by the pathogen Legionella pneumophila

#IAM GOLDEN Student Feature: Danielle Rivers

The Third Midwest Membrane Trafficking and Signaling Symposium

Susan Karcher Legacy

New findings detail structure of immature Zika virus

Discovery made by the Luo Lab selected as a “Signaling Breakthrough” of 2016

MIST1, PTF1, and XBP1 Link Secretion and Stress as both Transcriptional Targets and Regulators

Collective animal behavior models revisited

Gelvin lab identifies epigenetic process impacting Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Arabidopsis

Professor Gelvin wins JSPS Fellowship

Dr. Michael Rossmann received the Sackler International prize in Biophysics for 2016

Suter Group presents research at ASCB Meeting in San Francisco

Professor Gelvin attends Paris GENIUS meeting

Purdue professors elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Sue Karcher Retirement Celebration

Devika Sirohi from Dr. Kuhn's Lab to Serve as a 2017 Trainee Councilor

Fish eyes: modeling genetic mutations behind ocular disease

Impact of Drought on Disease using a Human Parasite System

Gelvin laboratory attends the 37th Crown Gall Conference

Fall 2016 Building Momentum for Biological Sciences at Purdue – BSAAC

Dr. Ed Bartlett Named University Faculty Scholar

Dr. Ximena E Bernal’s Paper is Posted on the Cover of Biotropica

Professor Morris (Morry) Levy – Playground Named in His Honor

Jeff Dukes Named the Inaugural Belcher Chair for Environmental Sustainability

2016 Outstanding Alumni

Alex Chubykin – Neurobiology Research

Department of Biological Sciences Fall 2016

Congratulations Dr. Michael Rossmann named 2016 Laureate of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics

Dr. Catherine Searle paper published: “Population density, not host competence, drives patterns of disease in an invaded community”

US News Ranks Purdue #13 Nationally for Undergraduate Teaching

The laboratory of W. A. Cramer, has completed studies on paradigm-changing studies in two major areas of membrane protein structure-function

Pelaez wrote the Cover Article for the September 2016 issue of The Physiologist, the newsletter of The American Physiological Society

Dr. Francis Collins visits the Department of Biological Sciences

NSF grant to fund College of Education STEM research project

United Way Campaign Kick Off

Congresswoman Susan Brooks visits Purdue's Zika researchers

UNAL-Purdue develop successful bioinformatics workshops

Lafayette recognized as one of the best small cities for college graduates

In Silico drug discovery method for computationally modelled target proteins

Bio alumna Amanda Elmore wins Olympic gold in women's rowing event!

Stan Gelvin presents keynote address at the MAPMBS annual meeting

Kuhn: Don't panic over Zika, but start taking it seriously

Delving into Host-Parasite Interactions

Sam Postlethwait, 98-year-old retired biology professor continues educating others, giving back to community

Professor Daniel Suter organizes and presents at the Heraeus Seminar on Neuronal Mechanics

Summer happenings in the Mattoo Lab

Professor Wen Jiang selected as a 2016 Showalter Faculty Scholar

Professor Cynthia Staffuacher to serve as Associate Head of Research and Graduate Education

Bit by a tick? Next steps and species to know

Chubykin lab grows by two feet

Professor Stephen Konieczny steps into new role as Interim Department Head

Dismantling Disease

Fall 2016 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Award

Professor Gelvin presents at IS-MPMI international conference

Ag Research Spotlight: Jeffrey Dukes

Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk’s shelf life

Principles for integrating sensory biology and animal behavior to protect and manage wildlife

Dr. William Cramer edits book to be published mid July

Dr. David Sanders assumes the office of Chair of the University Senate

Biological Sciences students represent the department at the 68th Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitologists

Konieczny and Taparowsky labs 30th reunion

An instructional design process for teaching about mechanisms - a report from our BEAST (Biology Education Area for Scholarship and Teaching)

Logan Ganzen awarded CTSI Predoctoral Investigator Award in Translational Research

Hollenbeck named vice provost for faculty affairs

Clark Gedney recognized by the Office of Engagement

Meet the class of 2016: McKeith Pearson, Hannah Craft and Goldie Razban

Development of the Neuron Assessment for Measuring Biology Students’ Use of Experimental Design Concepts and Representations

Collaboration between biologists and engineers leads to new software to measure the morphology of the centers of acute vision in vertebrates

2016 Department of Biological Sciences Awards & Recognition Program

Finding moonlighting proteins, in genomes, which perform two independent functions

Professor Jeffrey Dukes named AAAS Leshner Leadership Institute Public Engagement Fellow

Biology Students Winners at Purdue University Undergraduate Research Symposium

A hands-on, problem-solving toolkit to teach neuroscience and mental health concepts using mobile computing devices

College of Science Merit Awards

Dr. Wen Jiang Promoted to Full Professor

2016 Life Sciences Postdoc Mini-Symposium

A single enzyme with the power of three could offer shortcut to therapeutic target

Spring 2016 Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee Meeting

How to Identify and Interpret Evolutionary Tree Diagrams, a report from our BEAST (Biology Education Area for Scholarship and Teaching)

Rising CO2 levels reduce protein in crucial pollen source for bees

Purdue student receives national Goldwater Scholarship

Venkatraman has been awarded a 2016 Faculty for the Future Fellowship

Crowdfunding campaign to support Zika virus research

Support Zika Virus Research

Researchers reveal Zika virus structure, a critical advance in the development of treatments

Aakanksha Angra wins first place in the 2016 Sigma Xi Graduate Poster Competition

2016 Arthur C. Guyton Educator of the Year Award

Meet the BIOL13100 peer leaders!

Purdue professor part of National Academies Zika virus workshop

Spring 2016 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Award

Zika virus and mosquito experts

Name that song - Biology professor tailors playlist to day’s lecture

Purdue Undergraduate Students Used the Difference in Swimming Behaviour to Classify Different Strains of Zebrafish

Including plant acclimation to temperature change improves climate models

Dr. Wen Jiang named University Faculty Scholar from the College of Science for 2016

Bio senior mixed research, study abroad for full Science experience

Congratulations to Dr. Zhao-Qing Luo on his College of Science Research Award

Two Purdue faculty members win NIH grants for brain research

Assistant Professor Mark Christie receives Great Lakes Fisheries Commission Grant

Satarupa Bhaduri wins Midwest Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award

Purdue Profiles: Jeff Bolin

Dr. Christopher Staiger named Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences

Purdue makes major new investments in the life sciences - Life Sciences Pillars of Excellence

DP Announcement - Life Sciences Pillars of Excellence

Purdue Undergraduate Students Established a Statistical Framework for Studying Zebrafish Behavior

2015 Outstanding Alumni - Michelle Hood and Simon Rhodes

Amanda Elmore - Purdue Biology Graduate Continues Olympic Quest

Aakanksha Angra receives the Andrews-John Scott A. and the Ella A Travel Award to present work at the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research meeting.

Dr. Gribskov Presents at National University of Colombia

Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel for Fall 2015

Dr. Hollenbeck and Devireddy Publish in Journal of Neuroscience

Dr. Andrea Kasinski to be featured in upcoming Webinar

Alyssa Gleichsner receives award for her presentation at the Meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists

Purdue researchers successfully target 'Achilles' heel' of MERS virus

Research reveals the mechanism of precise attack in infection

Team USA selected from USA Biology Olympiad at Purdue

Marcy Nevius graduates from the Accomplished Clerical Excellence program

Adding app to course helps students Pattern their study habits

Dr. Minchella helps send off 30 Biology graduates!

Alex Chubykin awarded Whitehall Foundation grant

Findings reveal clues to functioning of mysterious 'mimivirus'

Evolution in action: Mate competition weeds out GM fish from population

Biology Undergrads awarded Stamps and Beering Scholarships

College of Science hosts, succeeds in undergraduate poster symposium

Spring 2015 Senior Send Off

Departmental Awards Ceremony - April 28, 2015

Spring 2015 Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee Meeting

Purdue Day of Giving 04.29.15

Congratulations to Dr. Zhao-Qing Luo on his faculty promotion

2015 Umbarger Outstanding Graduate Student

Venkatraman has been awarded a 2015 Faculty for the Future Fellowship

Protein determines life or death fate of stressed cells

Disturbed ecosystems more sensitive to climate change?

Professor Kihara among best in protein modeling contests

Jefferson High School Students Visit The Department of Biological Sciences

Researchers identify a new trigger of cellular self-destruction

Song complexity determines high frequency hearing in birds

Spring 2015 Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Award Winners

Dr. Stephanie Gardner receives College of Science Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Teaching by an Assistant Professor

Finding mooonlighting proteins from genomes

Thinking ahead: how a unicellular nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium manages its gene expression to accommodate the challenges it faces through out a 24-hour day

Surprises for Agrobacterium T-DNA integration into host genomes

Mini-Symposium on Integrating Structure, Function and Interactions of the Protein Universe

Professor David Sanders will be the 2015 Haines Biochemistry Lecturer at Wabash College

Biology senior Carly Marshall is Purdue's first finalist for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Purdue to collaborate with Argentine Republic

Purdue research suggests approach to treat virus causing respiratory illness, possible paralysis in children

Congratulations to Dr. Emery and Dr. Zhou on their PRF Travel Grants

Professor Dennis Minchella featured in The Purdue Review

Congratulations Fall 2014 Graduates - Senior Send Off

First Year Research Experience Poster Session

Website for life sciences at Purdue debuts

Professor Gelvin attends the GENIUS meeting in Paris, France

Thumbs Up: C. David Bridges

A Rubric for Diagnosing Knowledge of Experimental Design

A new microchip amplifier for patch-clamp electrophysiology of neurons

The Fall 2014 Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee Meeting

Purdue professor elected as fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fall 2014 Biological Sciences Departmental Retreat

Dr. Nancy Pelaez receives Barrows Teacher Award from McMaster University

How to know which computational protein structure model is correct?

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Staiger on his College of Science Research Award

35th Annual Crown Gall Conference at Purdue University

Song type affects hearing sensitivity in sparrows

Biology professor uses instructional tools to support in-class active learning

A new eye tracker for understanding how animals use their eyes

Professor Dukes selected to lead Purdue Climate Change Research Center

2014 Outstanding Alumni Event

Nicole Biddinger is among 5 students who are moving the world forward with their Purdue education.

Fat molecules influence form and function of key photosynthesis protein

Researchers uncover structure of enzyme that makes plant cellulose

Dr. Pelaez Receives Fulbright Award

Science on Tap talk to focus on deceptive characteristics of coronaviruses

How much a host moves can affect disease severity

Discovery Park dedication to celebrate opening of Drug Discovery, Bindley Multidisciplinary Cancer Research facilities

Bio soph gets minor planet named after her

Sanyal, Hale and Sirohi awarded Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Scholarship

Something known to cut is doing the jointing job

A Fatty Sandwich in the Membrane

Prahatha Venkatraman received a scholarship to participate in the neurobiology course

Can you go both ways?

How important is a Very Important Protein?

Discovery Park center awarded $12 million DOE grant to advance research for converting plant biomass into liquid hydrocarbon fuels

Reactive Oxygen Species are Not All Bad for Plants Either

Team USA selected by Center for Excellence in Education at Purdue event to compete at International Biology Olympiad

Professor Jeff Dukes recently organized INTERFACE meeting in Beijing

Purdue researchers shut down a SARS cloaking system; findings could pave the way to vaccines for SARS virus, MERS

Biological Science Maintenance Crew Renovates Watson's Crick

High school students selected to participate in 12th USA Biology Olympiad finals at Purdue

Reactive Oxygen Species: Not only bad for neurons

Dr. Gribskov joins NIH/NIAID Systems Biology Program Steering Committee

Purdue MERS experts working on way to block dangerous virus

Commencement speaker for the College of Science knows how to be successful

Bio student creates a 'Capitol' research poster

Biology alum Ianthe 'Cookie' Bryant-Gawthrop's Purdue Profile

2014 Departmental Awards Program

Parasites change life history of snails

2014 Biological Sciences Distinguished Alumni - Dr. Ronald Breaker

The Department of Biological Sciences welcomes new Director of Development, Jimmy Parker

Drs. Morry and Maria Levy receive College of Engineering Faculty Awards of Excellence

Purdue trustees approve faculty promotions

The Spring 2014 Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee recently visited the department

Caleb Waddell is among 5 Students Who are looking to use a Purdue education to move the world forward

Dr. Eichinger named Murphy Award winner

Dr. Nancy Emery chosen as College of Science Faculty Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Teaching by an Assistant Professor

Gene swapping: Hosts and parasites share more than food

Dr. Christopher Staiger awarded the distinction of Fellow from the American Society of Plant Biologists

Caleb Trujillo is among 5 Students Who are looking to use a Purdue education to move the world forward

Gene identified by Purdue scientists may ease the genetic modification of plants

Dr. Andrew Mesecar a 2014 recipient of the Lafayette Lions Club Award for outstanding achievements in Cancer research

Our Department's 2013-14 College of Science Faculty/Staff Awardees Recognized Today

Love bites: midges and bats attack frogs while they are trying to attract a mate

Decoding Dengue and West Nile: U-M researchers take steps toward control of growing public health problems

My eyespots are up here: Expert says peacocks' legs, lower feathers and dance attract most attention during courtship

Findings point to potential treatment for virus causing childhood illnesses

Virus grows tube to insert DNA during infection then sheds it

Is leaving home the best choice for kangaroo rats?

Erramilli, Lai and LaRue awarded Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Scholarships

New findings reveal protein structure in rubella virus

Mechanistic insights into Lowe syndrome may lead to new therapies

Drs. Peter Hollenbeck and David Eichinger inducted into the Book of Great Teachers

Prairie birds have retinas configured to look upwards

Dr. Jeffrey Lucas awarded the distinction of Fellow from the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Dr. Esteban Fernandez-Juricic named University Faculty Scholar from the College of Science for 2014

New visualization technique has potential to advance structural biology

Purdue researchers apply new technique to manipulate virus, make it a possible cancer treatment

Onset of hearing correlated with rapid refinement of neuron inhibition

Our Department's Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee Meeting Today and Tomorrow

House Sparrows tweak auditory system seasonally

David Sanders is the Editor of a recently-published volume

Environmentally friendly building planned for Ross Biological Reserve

Purdue University Biological Sciences 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award Ceremony

Purdue University Teaching Academy inducts 13

Dean Roberts Visits Our Department

New Purdue lab focused on finding drugs to prevent vision loss

Our Department's Maintenance (aka, Building) Crew Remodels One of Our Teaching Labs

BioIT's New and Improved Services for Our Classes

Team USA wins top team, individual honors at International Biology Olympiad

Post wins highest award given by Purdue College of Pharmacy

Congratulations to Dr. Daisuke Kihara on being named the 2013 Showalter University Faculty Scholar

Team USA selected from USABO National Finalists at Purdue

Biology With A Side of Bike Polo

Purdue researchers seek treatment for new MERS coronavirus

Summer research project promotes collaboration between Statistics and Biological Sciences

Kelly Ronald awarded Yeunkyung Woo Fund travel grant

High school students selected to participate in 11th USA Biology Olympiad finals at Purdue

New visualization reveals virus particles have more individuality than thought

Purdue professor part of national study of science-education specialists

Dr. Fernandez-Juricic to give College of Science Research Award Lecture - April 29, 2013 - 3:00 pm - LWSN 1142

Purdue professor identifies proton pathway in photosynthesis

Biological Sciences Alumni Advisory Committee Spring Meeting - April 19-20, 2013

Dr. David Sanders to present at 2013 Purdue Pugwash Conference

Suter Lab showcases research at Purdue Spring Fest

2013 Biological Sciences Distinguished Alumni - Dr. Hao Wu

Annwesa Dasgupta and Cory Weaver receive CETA Excellence in Teaching Award

College of Science impresses at Research Symposium

Findings to help in design of drugs against virus causing childhood illnesses

Congratulations Dr. Peter Hollenbeck - 2013 Murphy Award recipient

Spring Fest - April 13 and 14, 2013

2013 College of Science Faculty and Staff Awards

Hollenbeck delivers Colella Lecture on Neurodegeneration at University of Pittsburgh Med

Congratulations to Dr. Fernandez-Juricic on his College of Science Research Award

2010 Biological Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award

Dr. Samuel Postlethwait, Professor Emeritus receives Founders Award

Recent study sheds new light on the human neurodegenerative disease, Friedreich ataxia

Welcome New Faculty Member Andrew Mesecar

BBC World Today interviews Prof. David Sanders on the Ebola virus

Jeffrey Lucas made Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society

McCann selected as director of Discovery Park's Energy Center

Clark Gedney, Associate Fellow of the Teaching Academy

Alumni in the spotlight: Jan Ramer

Dennis Minchella named Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Science.

2010 Distinguished Science Alum

Dr. Perry M. Kirkham, PhD

Brent Auer, class of 1988 (BS)

Going the Distance!

Purdue receives $1.5 million for undergraduate life science education

Purdue student sees thyroid hormone's link to vision; wins Sigma Xi award

Students, Faculty and BSAAC Forging a New Future

Zhao-Qing Luo receives NIH 5 year Career Development Award

Arthur Rosen invited to international conference in Xi'an China

Reid J. Leonard, Ph.D., stops by to talk with class

BIOL 293, Planning Your Future in Biology

Richard Kuhn one of three finalists for provost position

“Second Careers” becoming Popular with Biology Alumni

New CAPSiE laboratory

Congratulations Zeran Li!

Dr. Mike Stern, newly elected chair of BSAAC

New Face of Biological Sciences at Purdue

Biological Sciences researcher wins NSF early-career award

Structural Biologists, Welcome Home...

New Horizons in Purdue Structural Biology

Michael Rossmann

Richard Kuhn

Jue Chen

Jeff Bolin

Cynthia Stauffacher

William A. Cramer

Carol Post

David Sanders

Alan M. Friedman

Barbara Golden

Wen Jiang

Dinesh Yernool

Michael Gribskov

Daisuke Kihara

Dr. William H. Phillips, Biological Sciences 2009 Outstanding Alumni

Run! Peter Run!

Jeff Bolin joins Office of the Vice President for Research

Purdue University Biological Sciences, 915 Mitch Daniels Boulevard, West Lafayette, IN 47907

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