Preparing for your Final Exam

At least two terms must elapse and be devoted to research between prelim and finals.

The final exam is taken after completion of your research and writing of your PhD thesis.  This examination (thesis defense) will be publicly announced on the departmental bulletin boards and by email from the Graduate Office.  It will consist of a seminar, open to the public, during which the candidate will summarize the thesis research.  Following the seminar there will be a closed oral examination attended only by the Thesis Committee members.   

The request to take the Final Examination the online Graduate School Form 8 needs to be submitted through myPurdue.  This must be completed 3 weeks prior to the date of your exam.

Three (3) forms must be submitted to acquire Graduate Office approval on Form 8

  1. PhD Bulletin
  2. BIOL-04A
  3. Thesis signature request form