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Graduate study in Biological Sciences at Purdue University is multi-disciplinary, offering a wide variety of choices for doctorate and masters degrees.  Areas of research include Biology Education; Cell & Molecular Biology; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Microbiology, Immunology, & Infectious Disease; Neuroscience & Physiology; Structural, Biophysical & Computational Biology.  A major advisor may be selected in any of these areas.  In addition, several interdisciplinary programs also are available in conjunction with other departments and divisions within the University. We therefore welcome applicants from different disciplines such as chemistry, physics and related fields as well as students from traditional biological backgrounds

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grad expoThe Big Ten+ Graduate School Exposition

The Big Ten+ Graduate School Exposition provides students with comprehensive information regarding graduate education in the fields of Engineering, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science, Technology and other Science-related disciplines. Students from all institutions of higher education are encouraged to attend, and travel scholarships are available!