Dissertation Deposit and Appointment

Thesis Deposit Instructions:

All thesis-option graduate students at Purdue must deposit the final products of their research with the Purdue University Graduate School Thesis & Dissertation Office. The Thesis & Dissertation Office will help ensure that all pre-requisites for deposit have been fulfilled and that your thesis or dissertation meets the quality standards established by the Graduate Council Standing Committee on Theses and Dissertations.

Prior to submitting, you are encouraged to review the Thesis Templates & Guidance website:


A very detailed list of instructions for submitting your thesis can be found on the following website.

Questions? Please contact the Thesis/Dissertation Office.


Scheduling an Appointment:

The Thesis & Dissertation Office recommends scheduling a formatting consultation prior to your defense date. This ensures that you will be 100% formatted before you defend, this way, you will only have to focus on content corrections post-defense and can help reduce the number of formatting errors that are typically caught during the deposit process.

Formatting consultations are cut off 2 weeks prior to the CAND 99100 registration deadline due to increased staff workload.

Please use this link to schedule your appointment


Be cognizant of deadlines which can be found here