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Selected Publications

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Ronald KL, AL Ensminger, MD Shawkey, JR Lucas, E Fernández-Juricic. 2017. Testing a key assumption in animal communication: between-individual variation in female visual systems can alter the perception of male signals.  Biology Open 6(12):1771-1783

Ronald KL, E Fernandez-Juricic, JR Lucas. 2018. Mate choice in the eye and ear of the beholder? Female multimodal sensory configuration influences her preferences. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: 20180713

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Gentry KE, D Roche, S Mugel, N Lancaster, KE Sieving, TM Freeberg, JR. Lucas. 2019. Flocking propensity by satellites, but not core members of mixed-species flocks, increases when individuals experience energetic deficits in a poor-quality foraging habitat. PLoS ONE 14(1):e0209680

Freeberg TM, KE Gentry, KE Sieving, JR Lucas. 2019. On understanding the nature and evolution of social cognition: a need for the study of communication. Animal Behaviour 155:279-286

Anderson NC, SA Thomovsky, JR Lucas, T Kushiro-Banker, S Radcliffe, KR Stewart, DC Lay Jr. 2019. Auditory brainstem responses in weaning pigs and three ages of sows.  Translational Animal Science 3(4):1416-1422

Coppinger, BA, S Kania, JR Lucas, KE Sieving, TM Freeberg. 2020. Experimental manipulation of mixed-species flocks reveals heterospecific audience effects on calling. Animal Behaviour 167:193-207 

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