Undergraduate Studies

Biology Resource Center

Lilly Hall, Rm B-401
Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The Biology Resource Center serves the academic needs of all undergraduates with particular attention paid to first and second year students. The mission of the BRC is to improve the academic performance of all students by providing excellent tutoring services and resources directed toward the following goals:

1) Improve learning and study skills, particularly in Biology courses
2) Encourage undergraduate students to pursue careers in Biology Sciences

The BRC is staffed by 8 to 10 selected Junior and Senior level Biology Students each semester. The BRC is a great place for getting all kinds of help and just to hang out and study.


We Offer:

Tutorial Assistance in Introductory Core Courses:
110 - Fundamentals of Biology I
111 - Fundamentals of Biology II
121 – Diversity, Ecology and Behavior
131 – Development, Structure and Function of Organisms
135 – First-Year Biology Laboratory, aka “Boot Camp for Biology”
231-232 – Cell Structure and Function & Laboratory
241-242 – Genetics and Molecular Biology & Laboratory

Tutorial Assistance in Other Introductory Biology Courses is also offered

Also in the BRC:

Core course syllabi
Course outlines, texts and other reading material
Faculty handouts
Graduate school literature
Peterson's Guide to Job Opportunities in the Engineering and Science Field
Peterson's Guide to Graduate Schools in the Biological Sciences
Research Theses from Honors Research Students
Peterson's Guide to Internships