An Integrated Network for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research on Feedbacks to the Atmosphere and ClimatE (INTERFACE): Linking experimentalists, ecosystem modelers, and Earth system modelers
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1st INTERFACE Workshop:
Workshop Group Photo

How Do We Improve Earth System Models:  Integrating Earth System Models, Ecosystem Models, Experiments and Long-Term Data

February 28 –March 3, 2011
Tween Waters Inn
Captiva Island, Florida

Meeting Report

The workshop focused on three themes:

Nutrient interactions and limitation in global change

Water availability and ecosystem dynamics

Acclimation of carbon uptake and release to climate and atmospheric change

This INTERFACE workshop catalyzed interactions and new discussions among modelers and empiricists on each of these topics, and developed the foundation for papers discussing recent developments and needs in the field and pathways to improvement for Earth system models. In addition to talks, there was a poster session and lots of time for discussion, including breakout sessions. Speakers gave 20-minute talks. For each of the three topics, there were five talks; an overview talk and a talk from each of four research communities (i.e., researchers working with Earth system models, ecosystem-level models, observations, and manipulative experiments).

Information about INTERFACE is available here ; interested researchers are encouraged to join the network and register their experiments or models.

Workshop schedule (PDF)

Confirmed speakers at the workshop:

Purdue University | Biological Sciences.