An Integrated Network for Terrestrial Ecosystem Research on Feedbacks to the Atmosphere and ClimatE (INTERFACE): Linking experimentalists, ecosystem modelers, and Earth system modelers
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Interface - Links

International Projects

iLEAPS  (Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study)
GLP  (Global Land Project)
The Global Carbon Project   - a source for information about the global carbon cycle


TERACC  - a precursor network to INTERFACE
CLIMMANI  network (European network of climate manipulation experiments)
GINGKO  network (European network for climate and global ecosystem modeling)
TERRABITES  network (European network for improving climate-biosphere projections through "integration between modellers, developers of ecological theory and data gathering communities.")
International Soil Carbon Network   - a USA- and EU-funded community of scientists building a database and synthesizing global soil C research.
Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon   - a US-based Research Coordination Network
Enzymes in the Environment   - a US-based RCN.
FORECAST   - Forecasts Of Resource and Environmental Changes: data Assimilation Science and Technology network

Other relevant activities

C-LAMP  Carbon - Land Model intercomparison Project
CARBO-Extreme   - a European synthesis activity examining the response of the terrestrial carbon cycle to climate variability and extremes.
NitroEurope   - a project identifying the effect of reactive nitrogen on net greenhouse gas budgets in Europe. End date: 2011.
CarboEurope   - a project identifying the role of Europe in the global carbon cycle.
FLUXNET Dataset Information   - lists of data, core measurement variables, and other relevant information from FLUXNET.
ILAMB   - the International Land Model Benchmarking Project (model-data comparison project for global land models)
PEcAn (Predictive Ecosystem Analyzer)  Useful tool for simplifying ecosystem model parameterization and assessment. More technically, PEcAn is a workflow for doing Bayesian metaanalyses for trait parameterization in models. It queries a trait database, assigns prior probabilities to traits, runs a Bayesian hierarchical metaanalysis, derives joint posterior distributions for traits, then uses those traits to parameterize and run an ecosystem model (currently ED 2.2).
GEOCARBON  European project to develop an Operational Global Integrated Carbon Observation and Analysis System.
TERN - Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (Australia)  
TRY  A global plant trait database.
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