Searle Lab

Aquatic disease ecology at Purdue University



Prospective post-docs who are interested in applying for a postdoctoral fellowship or writing a grant to support a postdoctoral position in my lab, should contact me.

Graduate students:

Graduate students interested in applying to work in my lab should send me a brief statement of interests, CV, and summary of previous research experience. Information on applying to the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University can be found here. Graduate students are expected to develop (with assistance) their own research projects for their dissertation. 

Potential graduate students are also strongly encouraged to apply for independent fellowship support, such as the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program and the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program.


Undergraduate students assist with ongoing projects or work on independent research. Undergraduate students interested in working in my lab should send me an e-mail containing a brief statement of interests, a resume, and, if applicable, a summary of previous research experience. Because many undergraduate students stay in my lab for multiple semesters, I do not always have space for new students. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in the Biological Sciences Honors Research Program; you do not need to be in the honors college to participate in this program. I also take students through Purdue Summer Stays Program, the Summer Research Opportunities Program, and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SURF).