Zhang and Deng lab people

Zhang and Deng lab at IZC, Jun 2018

Wenqing gives oral presentation

Wenqing oral presentation at International Zebrafish Conference 2018

Qing and Dr. Martin Schwartz

Qing and Dr. Martin Schwartz at Signaling by Adhesion Receptors Gorden Conference, June 2018

Holiday gathering with Suter and Leung Labs

Gathering with Suter and Leung Labs, Christmas 2017

Alan at 2017 Keystone Conference

Alan at 2017 Keystone Conference with Dr. Syusaku Mizukami

Alan Departmental Presentation

Alan Departmental Presentation, 2017

Qing at Noncoding RNA Conference

Qing at the Second Noncoding RNA Conference in Crete, 2017

Wenqing and Qing

Wenqing and Qing at Directed Cell Migration Gorden Conference in Gelveston, 2017

Lab Lunch

Lab Lunch, March 13, 2017

Qing at zdm10 in Singapore

Qing at zdm10 in Singapore with Drs. Graham Lieschke, Serge Mostowy, and David Tobin, 2016

Christmas with Fai and Zhang Labs

Gathering with Fai and Zhang Labs, Christmas 2015

Wenqing in Bostone

Wenqing at Zebrafish Disease and Mechanism Meeting in Boston, 2015

Lab members in the fish facility

Purdue zebrafish facility, Feb 2015

From left to right: Xiaoguang, Jennifer, Wenqing, Qing and Theo.