Job Openings


Post-doctoral Fellows

Our laboratory is looking for motivated postdoctoral fellows to study function of miRNAs in regulating neutrophil functions using the zebrafish, cell culture and the mice model. Our current research direction is to dissect the roles of individual miRNAs in regulating neutrophil response to wounding and infection in vivo. We have finished a genetic screen in zebrafish and identified miRNAs that regulate neutrophil functions. To supplement the fish work, we use human neutrophil like cells to dissect the underlying molecular mechanism. We are also developing mice models to translate the impact of our discovery in mice disease models related to inflammation and cancer. The PI is a member of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research, the Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease, and Purdue University Interdisciplinary Life Science Program. This is an exciting research environment to cultivate new research ideas and opportunities. The candidate will receive excellent guidance on both scientific research and career development.

Qualified applicants should have a Ph.D. degree in Cell Biology, Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Medicine or in a related field, and have a strong record of publications. Prevalence with be given to candidates with experience in microRNA-target interaction, with a strong biochemistry background. People with disease models in mice are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should send their CV, representative publications and names of three references to Dr. Qing Deng (

Zebrafish Research Technician

Our laboratory is seeking a highly motivated, organized individual to join our efforts to unravel the molecular and cellular basis of innate immunity, using genetic and molecular studies in the zebrafish model system. A funded position is available for a zebrafish research technician to help maintain the zebrafish facility and daily laboratory operations. Applicants with a BA in a science-based program, and technical molecular/genetic experience in zebrafish is preferred. Excellent technical skills and the ability to work effectively and productively in a collaborative team environment are required.

Pending obtaining additional funding, this job could evolve into a longer-term position. The lab and setting are an innovative, well-equipped and scientifically stimulating surrounding. Initial employment contract is for 6 months; part-time employment could also be considered for the right applicant. Interested candidates should send their CV, representative publications and names of three references to Dr. Qing Deng.

Graduate Students

Our laboratory is looking for talented students in pursuing a Ph.D. degree in study pathogen-host interaction and identify novel mechanisms that regulate innate immunity using the zebrafish model. Qualified applicants should have a strong academic record. Previous research experience is a plus. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Qing Deng or the graduate studies office in the Department of Biological Sciences for further information.

Undergraduate Researcher

Our laboratory is recruiting outstanding undergraduate students, preferably in their freshmen or sophomore years, to conduct a research project and acquire biological research experience. Qualified applicants should have a strong academic record and be prepared to conduct a thesis research project ultimately. Interested students should contact Dr. Qing Deng for further information.