Qing Deng

Qing Deng

LILY G-231 (Office)
LILY G-201 (Lab)
Biological Sciences
Purdue University
Tel: (765) 494-0423 (Office)
       (765) 496-3237 (Lab)
Fax: (765) 494-0876

Interests: My interests lie in understanding the basic biology that mediates leukocytes response to infection or injury, and discovery of novel therapeutic agents to suppress detrimental neutrophilic inflammation. Specifically, my research addresses the fundamental questions of what signals are differentially generated during infection and wounding and what intracellular signaling mechanisms guide leukocytes to final destination despite the distractions of other housekeeping chemoattractants. To study these pathways, I utilize zebrafish as a model organism, which not only focused on physiologically relevant signaling events in vivo, but also provides a unique platform for high-resolution in vivo imaging, genetic engineering, gene expression analysis and high-throughput small molecule screens. I also use primary human neutrophils and neutrophil like cells to study migration in vitro to aid biochemical characterization of signaling events.

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