Daniel S. Park Ph.D.

Plant Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

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Graduate Students and Postdocs

December 7 is the deadline for all graduate applicants for FALL 2023

We are currently recruiting PhD/Masters students to study plant ecology and evolution in the context of global change. Topics of interest include – but are not limited to – biological invasions, phenological responses to climates change, biogeography, and large-scale biodiversity informatics. You can apply to become a PhD/Masters student in our lab through the: 

Before applying in an official capacity, we encourage prospective students to contact us at danielpark [at] purdue [dot] edu and explain why you are interested in joining our lab and what your research interests are. Please also attach your current CV or resume.

If you are interested in becoming a postdoc in the lab, please contact us at danielpark [at] purdue [dot] edu with your research interests, project idea(s), and your current CV. We welcome requests to collaborate on proposals and fellowship applications (e.g., NSF PRFB). We currently have postdoctoral opportunity open: read more.

Undergraduate Students

Opportunities are available for students to work in the lab for research credit during the current semester and potentially beyond depending on interest and project needs. Projects in the lab focus on investigating the effects of global change on the ecology and evolution of plant communities. Students will be responsible for gathering and synthesizing primary biodiversity data from open databases, publications, and museum/herbarium specimens to investigate irregularities in species distributions and address hypotheses related to biological invasions and plant phenology. Students will have the opportunity to learn about plant ecology and biodiversity research, and present results as a poster, talk, or publication at a suitable venue. Time commitments will be determined based on the student’s availability, interest, and expertise. Applicants should be detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. Knowledge and experience with statistics and programming languages such as R are ideal, but not required. Remote work possible.

If you are interested, please contact us at danielpark [at] purdue [dot] edu stating your interest in the position, availability for the semester (e.g., "6 hrs/week"), and your relevant qualifications/experience (e.g., "proficient in R/python", classes taken). Questions are welcome.

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