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Paschou Lab Press Releases

Investigating population genetic structure in a tera scale

April 2019 - TeraPCA (a scalable, multi-threaded software package to compute the top principal components of terascale matrices). Purdue press-release

Genetic gains and losses in Tourette Syndrome

June 2017 - NIH Press Release, Purdue Press Release, Science Daily

Neolithic farmers were also sailors

June 2014 - 
                  (in English) ScienceNational GeographicUniversity of Washington HSNewsBeatPopular ArchaeologyPhys Org
                  Phys Org NewsEurekAlertScience DailyScience CodexScience World ReportArcheologie & Anthropologie,
                  Dienekes' Anthropology Blog.
                  (in Greek) EthnosTa NeaReal.grNews.grE-kriti.grKool NewsSigma LivePolis PressYahoo! GreeceRodiakiGo Thessaloniki.
                  (in French) Le Figaro
                  (in German) Scinexx                 

MIT Enterprise Forum Greece

September 2013 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Genomics and Biotechnology (article in Greek)

About Minoan genetic ancestry

May 2013 - Nature News Minoan civilization was made in Europe
               BBC News DNA reveals origin of Greece's ancient Minoan culture
                   NBC News Mysterious Minoans really were European, DNA finds
                   Live Science Mysterious Minoans were European
                   USA Today Europe's first civilization was home grown
                   RPI News DNA analysis unearths origins of Minoans
                   TO VIMA (in greek)
                   Proto Thema (in greek)
                   Kriti TV (in greek)

About Tourette Syndrome

July 2012 - European Cooperation in Science and Technology - Newsroom
October 2005 Bulletin of the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development, Canada

About PCA-correlated SNPs

April 2008 - LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation
September 2007 - ScienceDaily
September 2007 - Scitizen article


Tracing sub-structure in European Americans

August 2008 - ScienceDaily

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