Postdoctoral Associates

Exceptional, independent, and ambitious postdoctoral associates will be considered to work on various aspects of microRNA biology. Potential projects include 1) understanding the molecular role for various non-coding RNA, including their role in extracellular vesicles, and 2) working on advancing delivery of small therapeutic RNAs through ligand-mediated methods. Strong molecular techniques, organizational skills, and leadership ability are required. Animal experience is highly recommended. Proficiency in English is a must. Funding is not required; however, candidates are expected to apply for external funding after joining the laboratory. Interested candidates should send a cover letter detailing their interest in the lab, their cv, and contact information for three references to:

Dr. Andrea Kasinski

Reading a few of our papers and writing a brief description of what you might like to work on in the lab is a great way to make a good first impression.

Graduate Students

The lab is recruiting talented graduate students who have an interest in being at the forefront of non-coding RNA biology. Please contact Dr. Kasinski to discuss potential rotation projects and to identify a suitable rotation time after being admitted to PULSe or through the Department of Biology.