Recent Accomplishments of Lab Members


2023-09 Recent paper on the first fully-modified form of miR-34a published today in Oncogene with press releases and news casts across the globe! Congratulation to first-author Ahmed, co-corresponding author, Ikjot and all other Kasinski-lab authors: Shreyas and Sudarsan.


2022-02 Congratulations to Ahmed, Zulaida, and Humna, all recipients of travel awards from AACR. Such an honor to have three lab members receive these awards!

2022-02 Recent paper on KMT5C during erlotinib resistance accepted in Cancer Research. Congratulations to co-first authors Arpita and Alejandra and contributing author Julie

2022-01 Recent paper accepted in Scientific Reports. Congratulations to the tri-first autor team - Ikjot, Zulaida, and Humna. Excellent work!

2021-06 Recent review published in Nucleic Acid Research - Cancer. Congratulations Ahmed!

2019-04 Congratulations Alejandra on passing your preliminary examination and on your advancement to Candidacy 

2019-04 Recent paper accepted in Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids. Congratulations Esteban, Ahmed, Sander and other co-authors!!!!

2019-04 Congratulations Anjali on your acceptance into the SURF program at Purdue

2019-03 Congratulations Manvir on your acceptance into the Mayo SURF program for this summer

2018-04 Esteban Orellana successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Orellana!

2018-02 Feng Tian featured in a video showcasing the 2017 Summer Biology Undergraduate Fellowship awardees. Congratulations Feng

2017-09 The Kasinski Lab received funding from the American Cancer Society to study endosomal release of therapeutic RNAs!

2017-09 The Kasinski Lab received R01 funding from the NIH to work on combinatorial therapeutics and RNA delivery!

2017-09 Review on animal models to study microRNA function published in Advances in Cancer Research. Congratulations to first-author PULSe graduate student, Arpita Pal.  

2017-08 Paper accepted and released for publication in Science Translational Medicine. Congratulations to first-author PULSe graduate student Esteban Orellana

2017-06 Arpita Pal is the recipient of a SIRG Graduate Assistantship for the 2017-2018 academic year. Congratulations Arpita!

2017-05 Feng Tian was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Award from the Purdue Center for Cancer Research

2017-05 Feng Tian was awarded a Summer Biology Undergraduate Fellowship

2017-05 Arpita Pal featured in the IU Cancer Research Day

2017-05 James Welsh graduates with an Honors Thesis following 3.5 years in the Kasinski Lab. Congratulations James!

2017-02 Arpita Pal is one of two awardees of the  Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel award to support her travel to the American Association of Cancer Research meeting in April 2017

2016-10 Dr. Kasinski featured in the Big 10 Cancer Research Consortium

2016 Kayla Gates was the recipient of the Jessup Memorial Scholarship through the College of Science in 2016

2016-06 Arpita Pal was awarded a Purdue Research Fellowship. The fellowship supports Ms. Pal thesis work on miRNAs that contribute to chemotherapeutic resistance. The award will support her funding from 6/2015 - 5/ 2016.

2016-05 Hana Kubo was awarded a Phillip's Scholarship and a SURF award to continue her studies in the lab for the summer of 2016.

Alexa Lisevick is the recipient of the 2015-2016  Irwin & Ethel Tessman Scholarship

Hana Kubo is the recipient of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Sophomore in the Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Kasinski presents at the  Thoracic Malignancies Summit in Puerto Rico, December 2015

Dr. Kasinski to be featured in The Scientist - webinar scheduled for July 22, 2015

Esteban Orellana's abstract was selected by the Keystone Symposia committee for a podium presentation at the MicroRNAs and Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Meeting to be held in Colorado in June 2015

Dr. Sean Humphrey was awarded a Purdue Postdoc Challenge Grant to support his studies to identify non-small cell lung cancer secreted oncosomal proteins.

James Welsh was awarded a Phillip's Scholarship to continue his studies in the lab this summer. James is working to identify small molecule inhibitors of the LIN-28/let-7 interaction.

Using the Licor CLx for imaging RNA-gel shifts and westerns

See our recent lab spotlight using the Licor CLx for imaging RNA-gel shifts and westerns

In mice, a treatment for lung cancer

Public release of our efforts to identify a combinatorial miRNA therapeutic for lung cancer.

News article highlighting our recent accomplishments using miR-34 to treat aggressive lung cancer.

First microRNA mimic enters clinical trial