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Logan Ganze, Emre Coskun and Yuk Fai Leung's paper on "A critical evaluation of TRPA1-mediated locomotor behavior in zebrafish as a screening tool for novel anti-nociceptive drug discovery." was published in Scientific Report. This study is a collaboration between Logan and Mee Jung Ko in Richard van Rijin's lab. Congratulations everyone!


Yuk Fai Leung received a "Best Lecture Memes" award from the first-year medical students, class of 2022, at the 20th Annual Spring Celebration Dinner of the Indiana University School of MedicineWest Lafayette. The students acknowledged Fai for his effective teaching of molecular and cellular medicines, sharing of mnemonic tricks, and great humor throughout the course.


Yuk Fai Leung, Prahatha Venkatraman, Gaonan Zhang, Robert Carmer and Skylar Kantola's paper on "Normalization of large-scale behavioural data collected from zebrafish" was published in PLOS ONE. Congratulations!

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