My laboratory is interested in the replication, assembly and structure of RNA viruses with an emphasis on their interactions with the host. Our molecular studies utilize cutting edge tools in functional genomics, high throughput systems technologies, cell biology, and structural biology. Our focus in recent years has been on model systems in the alphavirus and flavivirus groups, and include viruses such as Sindbis, Chikungunya, dengue, West Nile, and hepatitis C viruses. Most of these human viruses are transmitted by insect vectors and therefore alternate between widely diverse hosts. Directly related to our basic studies is application-based research that seeks to identify new therapeutics for disease intervention.

Mature Dengue Sindbis YFP Capsid SINV NSP3-RFP  Bodipy stain Dengue prM C6/36 (fixed) RFP-E2 Ross River Virus CHIKV cryoEM Sindbis Virus BHK RFP-E2