Here are some of our recent primary research articles, commentaries, methods papers, and outreach essays.  To find a specific article, please click on the PubMed ID link following each title, and use your university's subscription to specific journals to download a PDF.

Journal of Cell Science Cover Journal of Neuroscience Cover

Selected Publications:

Sun, E.W., Wagner, M. L., Maize, A., Kemler, D., Garland-Kuntz, E. Xu, L., Luo, Z.Q. and P. J. Hollenbeck. 2013. Legionella pneumophila infection of Drosophila S2 cells induces only minor changes in mitochondrial dynamics. PloS ONE 8(4): e62972.  [PMID: 23638172]

Shidara, Y. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2010. Defects in mitochondrial transport and membrane potential without increased ROS production in a Drosophila model of Friedreich ataxia. Journal of Neuroscience 30:11369-11378.  [PMID: 20739558]

Pathak, D. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2010. Evidence that myosin activity opposes microtubule-based  axonal transport of mitochondria. Journal of Neuroscience 30:8984-8992. [PMID: 20592219]

Amiri, M. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2008. Mitochondrial biogenesis in the axons of vertebrate peripheral neurons. Developmental Neurobiology 68:1348-1361. [PMID: 18666204]  

Verburg, J. L. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2008. Mitochondrial membrane potential in axons increases with local NGF or semaphorin signaling.  Journal of Neuroscience 28:8306-15. [PMID: 18701693

Chada, S.  R. & P.  J.  Hollenbeck.  2004.  Nerve growth factor signaling regulates motility and docking of axonal mitochondria.  Current Biology 14:1272-1276. [PMID: 15268858]

Ruthel, G. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2003. Response of mitochondrial traffic to axon determination and differential branch growth. Journal of Neuroscience 23:8618-8624. [PMID:  13679431]

Lee, S.-K.  and P.  J.  Hollenbeck.  2003.  Organization and translation of mRNA in sympathetic axons. Journal of Cell Science 116:4467-4478. [PMID:  13130093]

Chada, S. and P. J. Hollenbeck. 2003. Mitochondrial movement and positioning in axons: the role of growth factor signaling. Journal of Experimental Biology 206:1985-1992. [PMID:  12756280]

Ruthel, G. and P. J. Hollenbeck. 2000. Growth cones are not required for initial establishment of polarity or differential axon branch growth in cultured hippocampal neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 20:2266-2274. [PMID:  10704502]

Overly, C. C. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 1996. Dynamic organization of endocytic pathways in axons of cultured sympathetic neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 16:6056-6064. [PMID:  8815888]

Olink-Coux, M. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 1996. Localization and active transport of mRNA in axons  of sympathetic neurons in culture. Journal of Neuroscience 16:1346-1358. [PMID:  8778286]

Morris, R. L & P. J. Hollenbeck. 1995. Axonal transport of mitochondria along microtubules and F-actin in living vertebrate neurons. Journal of Cell Biology 131:1315-1326. [PMID: 8522592]

Morris, R. L. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 1993. Bidirectional transport of mitochondria in neurons is coordinated with axonal outgrowth. Journal of Cell Science 104:917-927. [PMID: 8314882]

Hollenbeck, P. J. 1993. Products of endocytosis and autophagy are retrieved from axons by regulated bidirectional organelle transport. Journal of Cell Biology 121:305-315. [PMID: 7682217]


Selected Reviews & Commentary:

Berman, S. B. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2013. Exploring the life cycle of mitochondria in neuropsychiatric diseases: Mitochondrial dynamics and quality control. Neurobiology of Disease 51:1-2 [PMID: 23159742]

Saxton, W. M. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2012.  The Axonal Transport of Mitochondria.  Journal of Cell Science 125:2095-2104. [PMID: 22619228]

Suter, D. M. & P. J. Hollenbeck. 2012.  How to Get on the Right Track.  Nature Neuroscience 15:7-8. [PMID:  22193250]

Hollenbeck, P. J. & W. M. Saxton. 2005. The axonal transport of mitochondria. Journal of Cell Science 118:5411-5419. [PMID: 16306220]

Hollenbeck, P.  J.  2005. Mitochondria and Neurotransmisssion: Evacuating the Synapse.  Neuron 47:331-333. [PMID: 16055057]


Methods papers:

Devireddy, S., Sung, H., Liao, P.-C., Garland-Kuntz, E., and Hollenbeck, P. J. 2014. Analysis of mitochondrial traffic in Drosophila. Methods in Enzymology. 547: 131-50. [PMID: 25416356]

Hollenbeck, P. J. and J. R. Bamburg. 2003. Comparing properties of neuronal culture systems: a shopping guide for the cell biologist. Methods in Cell Biology 71:1-16. [PMID: 12884683]

Hollenbeck, P. J. and D. M. Fekete. 2003. Expression of transgenes in primary neurons from chick PNS and CNS by retroviral infection of early embryos. Methods in Cell Biology 71:349-365. [PMID: 12884700]

Martinez, C. Y. and P. J. Hollenbeck. 2003. Transfection of primary CNS and PNS neurons by electroporation. Methods in Cell Biology  71:321-332. [PMID: 12884698]


TS Outreach:

Roper, L., P. J. Hollenbeck & H. Rickards. 2012.  Tourette syndrome support organisations around the world. In Tourette Syndrome, Martino and Leckman, eds, New York: Oxford University Press.  In Press

Hollenbeck, P. J.  2003. A Jangling Journey: Life with Tourette Syndrome.  Cerebrum 5:47-60. PDF

Hollenbeck, P.J. 1999. How life imitates Tourette Syndrome. CNS Spectrums 4:22-23.