This Year 2 Progress Report is Cumulative for the Entire Term of the Grant

Names and Positions of People Hired
Research Progress
Encountered Problems

A. Names and Positions of People Hired

B. Publications using basic/early versions of BiFC constructs
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    Publications using current versions of BiFC constructs
    10. Krichevsky, A., Kozlovsky, S.V., Gafni, Y., & Citovsky, V. (2006) Nuclear import and export of plant viral proteins and genomes. Mol. Plant Pathol. 7, 131-146. COVER ARTICLE
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C. Research Progress

During the first year of the grant, we performed two lines of concurrent experiments: proof of concept of BiFC in plants using basic, early versions of the vectors, and converting these vectors to the optimized BiFC system described in the original proposal.

D. Encountered Problems

We have found that in electroporated tobacco BY-2 protoplasts, signal from  slowly maturing dsRed protein gives significant fluorescence in the YFP channel.  We have overcome this problem by using mRFP instead of dsRed.