Genome editing

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On July 20th 2016, I was invited by Dr. Chi-ho To, Professor and Head, and Dr. Chi-wai Do to visit the School of Optometry of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This is the leading Optometry school in Hong Kong and Asia. They have also been conducting many research programs that lead to translational products that help eye-disease patients. Their cohesive and collegial team great enhances efficiency and contributes to their success in research. During my visit, I gave a seminar on “Discover New Drugs for Retinal Degeneration by Zebrafish Research” and shared our vision on using this research platform to help patients with this great research team.

Yuk Fai Leung with the Professors from the School of Optometry at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Yuk Fai Leung shared his vision on zebrafish research.

Yuk Fai Leung shared his vision on zebrafish research.

On July 18th and 19th of 2016, I was invited by Dr. Zi-Bing Jin to visit his research group at the Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University in Wenzhou, China again. They are doing amazing work on various aspects of ophthalmology, from human genetics, stem cells, microRNAs to zebrafish. We have been working together on the zebrafish platform for years, and it is gratifying to see Dr. Jin’s group’s development over the years. When I visited them every time, I was always impressed by how enthusiastic and hard working the Wenzhou students are. Dr. Jin’s group probably has 30 to 40 students. Most of them work at least 12 hours in the lab every day! With this dedication, no wonder many Chinese students are making a big contribution to science these days.

A few pictures of my visit:

Yuk Fai Leung gave a research talk on using zebrafish to discover new drugs for rod degeneration to the students at Wenzhou Medical University.


Dr. Zi-Bing Jin at Wenzhou Medical University shared his research vision with Yuk Fai Leung.

Yuk Fai Leung gave a workshop on “Effective Scientific Communication”. In this workshop, I shared with the enthusiastic students many writing tricks and communication skills that I learned through experience over the years. These skills are particularly suitable for those of us who speak English as a second language and want to effectively communicate our findings to the research community.


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Molecular Biology

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Genome Editing

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Stem cells

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Retinal development

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Scientific Career

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Genome editing

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Genome editing

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On 2016-04-16  17, Prahatha Venkatraman, Logan Ganzen, Paige Cassidy, Khaled Noui-Mehidi and Menna Hassan demonstrated zebrafish research in 2016 Purdue Spring Fest.

Purdue Spring Fest at Department of Biological Sciences.

Paige Cassidy and Logan Ganzen demonstrating zebrafish research to the public.

Logan Ganzen demonstrating how to measure zebrafish vision.

Paige Cassidy showing zebrafish embryos to the public.

Prahatha Venkatraman, Khaled Noui-Mehidi and Menna Hassan demonstrated zebrafish research to the public.

Khaled Noui-Mehidi showing zebrafish embryos to the public.



On 2016-04-12, Paige Cassidy presented her research work at the Purdue University Undergraduate Research Symposium. She was supervised by Prahatha Venkatraman, a graduate student in the laboratory and a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for Future Fellow.

Paige Cassidy and her poster.

On 2016-04-11, Sylvia Bonilla defended her thesis and graduated.

Fai introducing Sylvia.

Sylvia presenting her research work.

Celebration party.

A zebrafish cake!

One more fin clipping!



On 2016-03-26, Menna Hassan, Patrick Tiffany, Ryan Wyer and Khaled Noui-Mehidi presented their research at the 131st Annual Academy Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science. They were supervised by graduate students Prahatha Venkatraman and Logan Ganzen.

Menna Hassan and her graduate mentor Prahatha Venkatraman.

Menna Hassan presenting her poster.

Khaled Noui-Mehidi and his graduate mentor Logan Ganzen.

Khaled Noui-Mehidi presenting his poster.

Patrick Tiffany and his poster.


Patrick Tiffany presenting his poster.

Ryan Wyer and his poster.

Ryan Wyer presenting his poster.