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Alton A. LindseyAlton A. Lindsey

As the visionary founder of the Ross Biological Reserve we owe a tremendous debt and great deal of gratitude to Dr. Lindsey and his contemporaries. Dr. Lindsey envisioned the Ross Biological Reserve as a living laboratory and after 61 years that vision continues to be fulfilled with the continued support of faculty, alumni, and friends.

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) named Dr. Lindsey, Purdue professor of plant ecology, Eminent Ecologist of 1976.  This recognition only begins to suggest the tremendous legacy Dr. Lindsey left behind. As a graduate student at Cornell University, Al Lindsey was selected to Alton A. Lindseybe the vertebrate biologist for the second Byrd expedition to Antarctica from 1933 to 1935, where his influence was so pronounced that Admiral Byrd had 12 islands off the coast of Antarctica named the Lindsey Islands, after him.

Read the resolution of respect written by Marion T. Jackson, Professor of Ecology, Indiana State University, and former graduate student of Dr. Lindsey's.

Read an excerpt from the statement of recognition as Eminent Ecologist of 1976

To see a video of Al Lindsey commenting on the Ross Biological Reserve and the creation of the Lindsey Laboratory click the image below.

Al Lindsey Video