Examples of some current projects include the following:

· Expert versus student understanding and visualization of non-covalent protein interactions

· Expert versus student understanding and visualization of evolutionary relationships and the chronology of biological evolution

· Student conceptual and visual difficulties with electron microscope images in biochemistry

· Student understanding and system thinking about metabolic processes in cells

· The use of remote devices for online learning and assessment of biochemistry students

· Use of visualizations to bring cutting-edge research into the undergraduate classroom

· Expert versus novice explanations of molecular and cellular mechanisms

· Students’ reasoning about biological experiments

· The effectiveness of physical models and a symbolism chart in conveying understanding and visualization of protein structures

· A cross-cultural comparison of high-school student responses to a science centre show on the physics of sound in South Africa

· Mixed mode methods for validating research probes for conceptual understanding, reasoning and visualization of science

· Student understanding and visualization of the key concepts of acids, bases and buffers and their relevance to biology and drug targeting

· Chemistry students’ understanding and visualization of the process of separation and quantification of biomolecules using HPLC in an analytical teaching laboratory

Note: For further details of projects please look under People/Graduate Students.