Welcome to the Visualization in Biochemistry Education (VIBE) Research Group website!

VIBE is a vibrant and productive group of currently 8 doctoral students working under the joint supervision of Drs Trevor Anderson in Chemistry Education and Nancy Pelaez in Biology Education. Our research focuses on the niche area of visualization in biochemistry education, an area of national and international importance given the central role played by representations in the teaching and researching of modern life science. VIBE has a strong international flavor with several foreign students and collaborations with colleagues in Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil and the USA. Current research projects focus on four interrelated areas of biochemistry education: 1) visual literacy and the development and assessment of visual skills and representational competence, 2) science inquiry and reasoning about experiments and data collection equipment, 3) assessment design and validation, including concept inventories and reasoning with core concepts and representations, and 4) curriculum and faculty development. Our work aims to introduce cutting-edge science and visualization approaches to the undergraduate curriculum wherever biochemistry is taught, including upper division biochemistry courses. We specialize in the development of novel methods for collecting and processing data about students’ and experts’ visual and reasoning skills that compose representational competence in biochemistry. A major focus is on modeling the cognitive processes deployed by experts when using representations to explain phenomena.

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