Transgenic Mouse Core Facility

The TMCF is a state-of-the-art transgenic mouse core facility that is operated through the Purdue University Cancer Center to serve members of the Purdue University community. In addition to excellent microinjection equipment, the TMCF also contains a dedicated tissue culture laboratory and a strictly maintained barrier containment mouse facility. We are fully equipped for microinjections, microsurgery, gene targeting and tissue culture with assistance also offered for mouse phenotype analysis and general histology.

Microscopic injection

What services do we provide?

Our major services are:

How to reach us?


TMCF Personnel - 


Lab Director - Judy Hallett

Scientific Director - Stephen Konieczny

Microinjectionist - Sean Humphrey

Senior Animal Caretaker - Annemarie Kaufman

Please contact Judy Hallett, Laboratory Director of the TMCF, at the following addresses;

Telephone: 765-496-3352
Fax: 765-496-2536