Thanuci Silva

Research Interests: How students and teachers handle technologies in order to improve their understanding of biology concepts.


About me: I am a senior student in Biology Education from University of Campinas, Brazil. I have been working on Biology Education Technology since my freshman year, developing softwares to help high school students understand biology concepts.

At Purdue, I am a visiting student sponsored by Institute of International Education and CNPq.

About my research: In my undergraduate research, I have investigated how biology teachers who use audio lessons can fit this technology within their biology classrooms. 

At Purdue, I have currated content for an education application called 3D-Class. I have built a question bank for an online evolution course, BIOL 595. Click here for the 3D-Class webpage.

Hometown: Campinas, São Paulo.

Degree Objective: Major in Biology Education at University of Campinas, Brazil

Thanuci Silva