Graduate Programs with Biology Education Research

There are many pathways to graduate degree in science education research at Purdue.

Graduate programs are also available for students in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in the College of Technology.

Students who would like to gain experience in Life Science Education Research can do so through PIBERG. First year students are welcome to rotate with PIBERG faculty. Graduate students further along in their respective programs are encouraged to participate in auxiliary projects to further the discipline and their knowledge of education research. These credentials have helped students gain employment by indicating a strong foundation in education. 

For further information about pathways to graduate degree programs associated with PIBERG, use menus on the left side. Menus at the top and bottom link back to Purdue and the Biology Department.

Core Education Research Course Options

Recommended courses for education research.

EDCI 517: Survey of Science Education

EDCI 518: Nature of Science in Science Education

EDPS 533: Introduction to Educational Research I: Methodology

EDCI 615: Qualitative Research Methods in Education

EDCI 616: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Education

STAT 511: Statistical Methods

STAT 512: Applied Regression Analysis


EDPS 530: Advanced Educational Psychology

EDCI 618: Gender and Culture in Science Education