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Happy Birthday Camille!




Sept 2023,  Yiyang Cheng (Evelyn) joined the lab as a graduate student. 


July 14 - Congratulations to Vijayan.  

Ramya and Vijayan have a new baby Tara.


June  2023:  We now have a lab web-page

Check out our latest paper.

Variability in phenylalanine side chain conformations facilitates broad substrate tolerance of fatty acid binding in cockroach milk proteins.  

by Partha, Vijayan, and others.


RamS Lab

The laboratory has a long-term interest in understanding the relationship between atomic resolution structures and molecular function. We use X-ray crystallography and electron cryo-microscopy as the primary structure determination tools. We are interested in a wide variety of enzymes and membrane transporters, from both a basic biology perspective as well in their relevance to disease and applications.