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Yuk Fai Leung participated in the 2017 Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop (DBTW) from 27th June 2017 to 1st July 2017. This workshop was organized by Jennifer Fish from U Mass Lowell, Ian Woods from Ithaca College, and Eric Cole from St. Olaf College. It took place at the Darling Marine Center in Maine.

During this course, the participants studied many animal models for development including sea urchins, zebrafish, chicken, roundworm, flatworm and fruit flies. We focused on learning experiments that can be brought to the teaching lab to enrich student’s learning experience. Here are some pictures of the event:

The Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop, class of 2017.

Course leader Jennifer Fish

Course leader Ian Woods demonstrating zebrafish research.

Guest Instructor Eric Cole

The workshop took place at the beautiful Darling Marine Center.

Fai injected zebrafish embryos free hand with mouth pipetting.

Zebrafish with improper posterior development. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

An abnormal fruit fly made by the following transgenic line: dpp-GAL4; UAS-ey. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Neurons in fruit fly larva labelled by green fluorescent protein. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Sea Urchin Larva. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Sea urchin larva 2. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Roundworm. Nuclei labelled by a blue fluorescent dye. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

We finished the course with the final animal model–delicious lobsters from Maine!