We will all read two short articles about Cystic Fibrosis:

  • Couzin-Frankel J. The promise of a cure: 20 years and counting. Science. 2009 Jun 19;324(5934):1504-7.
  • Pearson H. One gene, twenty years. Nature. 2009 Jul 9;460(7252):164-9.

Each one of us will then pick one of the following topics, elaborate the discussion by reading an additional latest reference of your choice and present the major ideas in the lab meeting.  (Liyun, as a physician for years, should pick up a more research-based topic).

The format will be a 10-min presentation followed by 5-min discussion. If you are discussing a research paper, the breakdown should be as follows: 5-min for background+experimental design, 5-min for 1-2 major findings. For a review paper, the breakdown should be approximately 3 mins for each major idea. The presentation should have no more than 4 slides, preferably 3, you can also use the board. We will also bring a timer.

I suggest the following six topics:

  1. Pathophysiology
  2. Etiology and epidemiology
  3. General therapeutic approaches excluding gene therapy
  4. Functional characterization of CFTR
  5. Animal models, challenges and prospects
  6. Gene therapy, challenges and prospects

Please reply and this thread to select your topic, and upload both your presentation and the reference article to the appropriate lab meeting folder.  I look forward to discussing these ideas with you!


  1. Yuk Fai Leung says:

    For Swathi:

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to do presentation on the “functional charecterization of CFTR” on
    friday in the journal club. If anybody has any preference for this topic, please
    let me know, I would choose from the rest of topics listed.


  2. Monica Hensley says:

    Hello All,
    I will present on the ‘Animal models, challenges and prospects’ topic.


  3. Yuqing Zhang says:

    I’d like to present the etiology and epidemiology.

  4. Yuqing Zhang says:

    I’d like to present the etiology and epidemiology.


  5. Sylvia Bonilla says:

    I will like to present on pathophysiology.

  6. Liyun Zhang says:

    I will present gene therapy. Liyun

  7. Liyun Zhang says:

    I found this paper “Griesenbach U, et al. Gene Therapy 2002;9:1344 Gene Therapy Progress and Prospects: Cystic Fibrosis. ” may help to understand the gene therapy. But progresses were made after that.

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