I have just come across an interesting approach to help patients with poor vision–using a smartphone app designed for augmenting vision with google cardboard.

I first came across this approach through this youtube video. It shows how the approach helped a lady who suffered from Stargardt’s disease and could not see well for eight years.

After using the app and google cardboard, she seemed to see much better and was so excited by the experience. I find this interesting because many of my friends and relatives suffered from poor vision. They can potentially see better through this simple and cheap approach. I am going to set this up for my parents soon and see if that helps them see better!


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  1. 1m88 says:

    It will be much more convenient if the device is lighter and smaller. And I’m wondering that if the mechanism can be applied to improve the diseased eyes as they do help people like the grandma in the video. It seems possible for a combination of the tech and biology science.

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