In December 2012, I was invited to give a plenary lecture in the CUHK Ophthalmology Forum 2012 cum HKEH 20th Anniversary Symposium at the Hong Kong Eye Hospital.

Fai giving a plenary lecture on using zebrafish to find new drugs to treat eye diseases

This was a meeting right after the The 8th International Symposium of Ophthalmology, in which I shared with a group of international delegates about our vision on screening drugs to treat eye diseases with the zebrafish model. Many delegates stayed behind to attend this CUHK and HKEH forum, in which we shared new insights into eye research and clinical practice.

Some of the participants to the forum, including Profs. Chris Leung (CUHK), Calvin Pang (CUHK), Clement Tam (CUHK), Stanley Chi (HKEH), Zibing Jin (Wenzhou eye hospital), Wei Li (NEI), Yuk Fai Leung (Purdue), Neeru Gupta (University of Toronto), and Tien Yin Wong (Singapore National Eye Centre). The full schedule of the meeting is available here.

Saying good bye to Prof. Neeru Gupta

Giving presentation award to graduate students


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