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Yuk Fai Leung participated in the 2017 Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop (DBTW) from 27th June 2017 to 1st July 2017. This workshop was organized by Jennifer Fish from U Mass Lowell, Ian Woods from Ithaca College, and Eric Cole from St. Olaf College. It took place at the Darling Marine Center in Maine.

During this course, the participants studied many animal models for development including sea urchins, zebrafish, chicken, roundworm, flatworm and fruit flies. We focused on learning experiments that can be brought to the teaching lab to enrich student’s learning experience. Here are some pictures of the event:

The Developmental Biology Teaching Workshop, class of 2017.

Course leader Jennifer Fish

Course leader Ian Woods demonstrating zebrafish research.

Guest Instructor Eric Cole

The workshop took place at the beautiful Darling Marine Center.

Fai injected zebrafish embryos free hand with mouth pipetting.

Zebrafish with improper posterior development. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

An abnormal fruit fly made by the following transgenic line: dpp-GAL4; UAS-ey. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Neurons in fruit fly larva labelled by green fluorescent protein. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Sea Urchin Larva. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Sea urchin larva 2. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

Roundworm. Nuclei labelled by a blue fluorescent dye. Courtesy of 2017 DBTW.

We finished the course with the final animal model–delicious lobsters from Maine!

Our research on zebrafish vision has been featured by Inés Laura Dawson from Draw Curiosity in her educational science video entitled “Is Animal Vision 20/20?”.

On 2017-04-08, Prahatha Venkatraman, Logan Ganzen, and Khaled Noui-Mehidi demonstrated zebrafish research in the 2017 Purdue Spring Fest.

Prahatha Venkatraman demonstrating zebrafish research to the public.

Logan Ganzen and Khaled Noui-Mehidi demonstrating zebrafish research to the public.

On 2016-04-16  17, Prahatha Venkatraman, Logan Ganzen, Paige Cassidy, Khaled Noui-Mehidi and Menna Hassan demonstrated zebrafish research in 2016 Purdue Spring Fest.

Purdue Spring Fest at Department of Biological Sciences.

Paige Cassidy and Logan Ganzen demonstrating zebrafish research to the public.

Logan Ganzen demonstrating how to measure zebrafish vision.

Paige Cassidy showing zebrafish embryos to the public.

Prahatha Venkatraman, Khaled Noui-Mehidi and Menna Hassan demonstrated zebrafish research to the public.

Khaled Noui-Mehidi showing zebrafish embryos to the public.



Menna Hassan participated in the Lafayette Regional Science & Engineering Fair and won two awards: (1) a bronze medal under the Animal Science category in the Seniors division, and (2) a blue ribbon. Congratulations! By winning the latter award, she is ranked in the top ten students of the Fair and has been invited to participate in the State Science Fair. She conducted her zebrafish research under the supervision of Prahatha Venkatraman, a graduate student in the laboratory and a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for Future Fellow.

Menna and her poster!

Menna and Prahatha


Lilly Hall of Science; 2015 Purdue Spring Fest

Prahatha Venkatraman showing the way to measure fish vision to a future scientist.

Martian Tian explaining how to use zebrafish for eye disease research to the Lafayette community.

On 3/18, students from Jefferson high school in Lafayette visited our department. They were hosted by the Leung Lab. See our departmental news for the details of the visit. Here are several pictures of the event.

Prahatha Venkatraman giving students a lecture on zebrafish research.

Prahatha Venkatraman and Isidore Julien showing students how to observe developing zebrafish embryos.

Dr. Clark Gedney described the research opportunities in our department for high school students.

Isidore Julien discussing with Dr. Melissa George about student learning experience.

Yuk Fai Leung showing students how to observe zebrafish embryos.

Students studying zebrafish embryos—I.

Students studying zebrafish embryos—II.