Please send an email directly to Alex with a cover letter describing your previous accomplishments and technical experience, and why you are interested in joining the Chubykin Lab and what you can bring to the lab.  Please enclose your CV and the names, emails and phone numbers of three references.

Graduate Students:

If you are a Purdue graduate student looking for a lab, email Alex and we can set up a meeting.  We are always interested in enthusiastic rotation students.

If you are looking for a graduate student position in the Chubykin lab, you need to apply to the graduate program at the Department of Biological Sciences, Purdue University.

Undergraduate Students:

If you are currently an Purdue student interested in research opportunity, please email Alex with your previous experience and coursework and how much time you are willing to spend in the lab. The minimum required commitment for an undergraduate student is two semesters. 

Research Assistants:

If you are looking for a position as a technician or research assistant, please email Alex with your CV describing your previous lab experience and skill set, your career goals and your potential employment timeline. 

Job Posting Document. 

Email Alex.