Purdue University

Bernal Lab


Opportunities Undergraduate Students
Are you interested in learning about research on animal behavior? Do you want to get some research experience? I am looking for students interested in helping us with on-going projects as well as developing new ones. Students will be trained in experimental design, sound analysis, microscopy and data collection. Contact me to discuss joining the lab!

Graduate Students
I will not be accepting new graduate students to start in 2017.

Applicants should be independent and highly motivated. Some previous research and/or field experience is necessary. Students are encouraged to develop their own research projects depending upon their specific interests. We currently have funding for students interested in neuroetology working on frog-biting midges. This work takes place in the lab at Purdue University and in the field at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.
Most graduate students in Biology at Purdue University receive a stipend through teaching assistantships (TA). There are also University-wide fellowships. All students are also strongly encourage to apply for external funding.
If you are interested in joining the lab, email me a CV. Please also include a statement of your research interests and accomplishments. I will contact you to talk about your experience and career goals so we can determine if working together would be a good match. Interested students should contact me during the fall semester so, if appropriate, you can submit your complete application (deadline is during the first week of December).
Click here for more information about applying to Biology at Purdue University.

If you are interested in developing a project together, please contact me to discuss possible ideas and potential funding sources. Researchers would be based at Purdue University or at the Smithsonian Tropical Reseach Institute in Panama.