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Book Section

Rudnick, J.A., DeWoody, J.A., Katzner, T.E. 2009. Genetic analyses of noninvasively collected feathers can provide new insights into avian demography and behavior. Handbook of Natural Conservation, in Nova Science Publishers. 181-197. Invited book chapter.

Conference Proceedings

Bragin, E.A., Rudnick, J.A., Katzner, T., DeWoody, J.A. 2008. New Methods for raptor research: results of research on the imperial eagle in north Kazakhstan. Reaearch and conservation of birds of prey of northern Eurasia. 360. Materials of hte 5th international conference on birds of prey of northern Eurasia   Edited by V.M. Galushin, V.N. Meinikov, A.I. Shretaikov & D.I. Chudnenko, in Russian.


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