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Raman, V., Aryal, U. K., Hedrick, V., Mohallem Ferreira, R., Fuentes Lorenzo, J. L., Stashenko, E. E., Levy, M., Levy, M. M., Camarillo, I. G.  2018. Proteomic analysis reveals that an extract of the plant Lippia origanoides suppresses mitochondrial metabolism in triple-negative breast cancer cells. J Proteome Res. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00855

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Book Section

Camarillo, I.G., Xiao, F., Madhivanan, S., Salameh, T., Nichols, M., Reece, L.M., Leary, J.F., Otto, K., Natarajan, A., Ramesh, A., Sundararajan, R. 2014. Low and high votage electrochemotherapy for breast cancer: an in vitro model study. In: Electropration-Based Therapies for Cancer: From Basics to Clinical Applications, Sundararajan, R., Ed., Chapter 4, pp. 55-102.

Harper, J., Xiao, F., Venkatraman, G., Camarillo, I.G., Sundararajan, R. 2014. Low voltage nanosecond electroporation for breast cancer treatment: an in vitro study. In: Electroporation-Based Therapies for Cancer: From Basics to Clinical Applications, Sundararajan, R., Ed. Chapter 8, pp. 185-198.

Sundararajan, R., Salameh, T., Camarillo, I.G., Prabu, R.R., Natarajan, A., Sankaranarayanan, K. 2014. Irreversible electroporation: a drug-free cancer treatment. In: Electroporation-Based Therapies for Cancer: From Basics to Clinical Applications, Sundarararajan, R., Ed. Chapter 10, pp. 219-243.


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