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Zhou W, Pal AS, Hsu AY, Gurol T, Zhu X, Wirbisky-Hershberger SE, Freeman JL, Kasinski AL, Deng Q. MicroRNA-223 suppresses the canonical NF-κB pathway in basal keratinocytes to dampen neutrophilic inflammation. Cell Reports. In press

Hsu AY, Wang D, Gurol T, Zhou W, Zhu X, Lu HY, Deng Q. Overexpression of microRNA-722 fine-tunes neutrophilic inflammation through inhibiting Rac2 in zebrafish. Dis Model Mech. 2017 Sep 27. pii: dmm.030791. doi: 10.1242/dmm.030791. (Selected for first person interview)

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Zhang Q, Wang D, Jiang G, Liu W, Deng Q, Li X, Qian W, Ouellet H, and Sun JJ. EsxA membrane-permeabilizing activity plays a key role in mycobacterial cytosolic translocation and virulence: effects of single-residue mutations at glutamine 5. Scientific Reports. 2016 Sep 7;6:32618

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