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G. Two-Component Regulatory Systems

Cynobatcteria contain many two-component regulatory systems which include histidine kinase and the response regulator for each pair. Synechocystis contains over 40 such two component regulatory pairs and we are just beginning to understand the complexities of how they function. Our work has highlighted the transcriptional changes caused by different environmental conditions and we have studied the function of two such two-component systems. The first involved hik8 and was analyzed in Singh and Sherman (2005). In this paper we emphasize the involvement of hik8 in carbohydrate metabolism and its involvement in heterotrophic growth. We are also interested in hik31 and data on this gene had been mentioned in a number of the previous publications. We are now making mutations in both the chromosomal and plasmid copies of the kinase and the regulatory protein to better understand its function.