Per liter:

Bacto peptone    10 g
NaCl                   5 g
Yeast extract      10 g
(Agar)               15 g

No pH adjustment


AB Buffer Per liter (20x stock solution):

K2HPO4                    60 g
(or K2HPO4.3H2O      78.6 g)
NaH2PO4                   20 g
(or NaH2PO4.H20       23 g)
AB Salts Per liter (20x stock solution):

NH4Cl                      20 g
MgSO4.7H20              6 g
(or MgSO4               2.9 g)
KCl                            3 g
CaCl2                       0.2 g
(or CaCl2.2H20        0.26 g)
FeSO4.7H20              50 mg
Sterilize the AB Buffer and the AB Salts separately. Shake the salts before use to disperse the FeSO4.

Add sucrose to a final concentration of 0.5%.

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