Student Collaborative Exchange Program

To further facilitate collaboration in the research community, INTERFACE plans to sponsor a limited number of “collaborative exchanges” for US-based graduate students, in which students who primarily work with models spend a brief period (up to one month) working in an experimental setting, or students who primarily work on global change experiments spend a brief period (up to one month) working in an ecosystem or Earth system modeling setting.  These exchanges should ideally allow the student to continue working on a similar topic, but from a different perspective.  Interested graduate students should identify a laboratory in which they would like to work, and should secure approvals from their advisor and the exchange lab’s PI.  To apply, students should submit as a single PDF file: (1) a two-page proposal explicitly stating the questions being addressed and why the collaboration will facilitate answering them, (2) an NSF-style CV,  (3) a one-page budget justification, and (4) letters of support from the advisor and the PI of the lab the student will visit. Applications should be sent to Aimée Classen <>.  Applications will be reviewed at two times each year, starting on the fourth Monday of April and the fourth Monday of October, through the end of 2014.  Allowable expenses include airfare, meals while traveling to and from the exchange location, and housing. These funds cannot be used to cover classes at the host institution or student/ PI salary.  Exchanges may be partially or fully sponsored by INTERFACE.

Welcome to the INTERFACE discussion forum!

This site is designed to provide terrestrial global change researchers with an international forum for discussion.  In particular, we hope this site will facilitate communication among those measuring and modeling ecosystem processes, across scales.  For instance, if you model ecosystem processes and need to find a certain kind of data, you can use this forum to post a question to the observational and experimental community.  If you are an experimentalist (manipulator?) and have a question for the modeling community, post it here!  To participate in the discussion, please register with INTERFACE and then log in here using your INTERFACE username and password.  You can keep track of ongoing discussions by using the RSS feed.

(Incidentally, if you have an idea for a better place or way to establish a forum like this, post that idea as well!  If there’s a better way to do this, we should!)