Unit conversions with squared or cubed units

I can see that some of you are having problems with LON-CAPA Lab01Prep problems dealing with unit conversions. It’s easy for you to convert something like pm to nm as shown below.

Where you have problems is when you need to convert squared or cubed units, like pm3 to nm3.  (Recall, 1 pm3 = 1 pm × 1 pm × 1 pm)



Recap of First Week’s Suggestions for Success in BIOL 13500

Below is a recap of our first week’s suggestions for you to succeed in BIOL 13500, First-Year Biology Lab.

What you want to do before each lab:

  • Read lab in manual. Pay close attention to “Information that you will need for this lab” section because many lab quiz questions & lab prep questions come from this section.
  • Answer/solve all LON-CAPA lab prep problems/questions for each lab.
  • Write all flow charts & needed calculations on that lab’s notes pages in your manual. Writing flow charts before you come to lab begins with Lab 2.
  • Be very conscientious as to what exercises you will be doing in a lab, and have an idea of how you will do them so you get the most out of the demonstrations your TAs will do for you.
  • Study for the in-lab quiz. There are sample quiz questions on our class Bb website.

What you will do during each lab:

  • Take the in-lab quiz.
  • Complete all lab exercises, and in-lab assessments.
  • Keep neat and thorough lab notes, recording important information from that lab’s exercises. Keeping lab notes begins with Lab 2.

What you want to do after each lab:

  • Go over the questions missed on previous week’s in-lab quiz, and figure out what did wrong. If you don’t understand what you did wrong, see the Grad TA who grades your section’s in-lab quizzes (see below).
  • Check your points in the Bb grade book to see how you are performing.
  • Check the correct answers to the LON-CAPA lab prep questions/problems you missed and figure out what did wrong. The correct answers to a lab’s LON-CAPA questions/problems you miss will be revealed to you a week after the class completes that lab.

How to get help in BIOL 13500

  • Stay after lab to get help from one of your lab TAs
  • Go to the BRC, LILY B-401, Mondays-Thursdays 9:00-5:00 PM, Fridays 9:00-1:00 PM
  • Go to office hours
  • Grad TA office hours in BRC, LILY B-401
    Yifan Yang (grades odd numbered lab section’s in-lab quizzes): Mondays 10:00-11:00 AM and Thursdays 1:30-2:30 PM
    Rui Yan (grades even numbered lab section’s in-lab quizzes): Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12:30-1:30 PM
    Dr. Iten’s office hours in LILY B-101
    Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-12:30 PM
    If none of these office hour times fit into your schedule, email BCBLab.Purdue@gmail.com for an appointment

When your LON-CAPA points get posted in your Blackboard grade book

Your LON-CAPA points get transferred to your Blackboard grade book 1X/day at 2:00 AM. Your LON-CAPA points for a particular lab in your Blackboard grade book reflect the total LON-CAPA points you amassed as of the time of the last transfer. LON-CAPA points for a specific lab will continue to update as you complete all that lab’s LON-CAPA problems/questions, i.e., points will continue to be updated throughout the time they’re available to you.

Copy of Message about Purchasing Lab Manual for BIOL 13500 sent to all students 1/4/2017


Purchasing a Lab Manual for BIOL 13500, Spring 2017

Boot Camp for Biology Lab cover

Hi [FullName],
This message has the information you need to purchase the lab manual required for BIOL 13500, First-Year Biology Lab, Spring 2017. The title of the manual is Boot Camp for Biology Lab, Version Seven, 2014. It is only available as an online purchase. As you will read in the attached “Boot Camp for Biology Lab Manual – Purchase Instructions – Spring 2017″ pdf file, you purchase your manual, and receive an email receipt with your name on the receipt. You will show us your receipt, and we’ll give you your copy of the manual at our all students class introductory meeting Monday 9 January 2017 in LILY G-126 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM (see your schedule of classes). You can also show us your receipt for your purchased lab manual, and get your manual at your first lab meeting the first week of classes. You need to get your manual the first week of classes to prepare for the first lab you do the second week of classes.

You cannot use a “used” manual of a student who took BIOL 13500 because a used manual will be missing its lab notes pages that you must have this semester. Additionally, if you “started” BIOL 13500 this last semester, then dropped after completing Lab 4 or later, then you must buy a new lab manual with all its lab notes pages.

If you are interested in reading more about our class, there’s a second pdf file attached to this message that’s a digital copy of the hard copy of our Course Information and Policies you’ll receive at our Monday 9 January all class meeting.

Our entire teaching staff is looking forward to having you in our BIOL 13500 lab.

Dr. Iten

Purchase Instructions…
Information about BIOL 13500

BCB Lab—Boot Camp for Biology Lab